Surfing & Paddle Boarding

Surfing & Paddle Boarding

Surfing is one of the most exciting, challenging, and potentially strenuous activities you can undertake while in Tofino & Ucluelet, and it’s great fun for kids of all ages. The locals love it, and their enthusiasm, combined with the world championship performances of local surfers Pete Devries or the Olin sisters and the pioneering enthusiasm of the Bruhwiler family, have contributed to this area becoming one of Canada’s surfing hot spots for surfers of all skill levels.

For the beginner, we have a great selection of surf schools with talented local and international instructors who are determined to make your first experience on a board a rewarding one. Top of the line gear and boards can be hired with or without formal instruction and you can get out there and fall in love with the ocean, either by yourself or with family and friends. For the more experienced, we have weather surges that can lead to challenging conditions, giving you a chance to improve your skills.

A more relaxed, but equally fun way to enjoy the water, is with a stand-up paddle board where you can get great exercise as you paddle along, enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean and nearby beaches.  You can even combine the two and try some SUP surfing.

Grab your gear, get ready, and head to the beach for a true west coast experience.