Bike Rentals & Repairs

Bike Rentals & Repairs

Getting about in a small town like Tofino or Ucluelet is a bit easier than in a city. As such, we suggest you drop the car for a day and grab a bike or an electric scooter. This activity helps keep the pristine environment intact and allows you to slow down to the pace of the locals.

You can, of course, bring your own bike to the coast, or you can find excellent and knowledgeable companies within each town who will be happy to rent you a bike or scooter for a day or a week. They’ll also point you in the right direction to enjoy the wind in your hair and sun on your face. Should your own bike have an issue while you’re here, some of the companies can help you repair what needs to be fixed and get you back on the pathways and roadways you enjoy.

Whether you live locally or come as visitor, get on your bike to enjoy the magical outdoors, and help keep Tofino & Ucluelet beautiful.